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Victoria Bay’s wide selection of products includes quality essentials for foodservice, facility solutions and packaging. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we continuously cater to changing customer needs, presenting choices that are both environmentally mindful and efficiency-enhancing.

Foodservice / Facility Solutions

Aluminum Containers

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Victoria Bay aluminum containers are perfect for preparing, storing, and presenting a wide range of dishes, including main courses, side dishes, starters, and desserts, our containers are the perfect choice for takeout, pre-made meals, and gatherings or occasions of any scale.

Can Liners

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Victoria Bay can liners consist of 100% recycled post-consumer content, available in convenient flat packs for easy dispensing or perforated rolls for effortless transportation.

Fiber Containers

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Victoria Bay fiber hinged containers offer a sustainable solution, serving as an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional plastic or foam takeout containers.

Fiber Plates and Platters

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Enhance your environmental reputation by opting for these versatile fiber alternatives. These eco-conscious choices are both uncomplicated and resilient, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


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Discover the Victoria Bay line, offering foodservice supplies perfectly tailored to meet your everyday requirements.

Hand Hygiene

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Victoria Bay / Purell VB10 Touch-Free Dispensers and refills for soap.

Hinged Containers

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MFPP Hinged Containers offer a cost-effective solution for all your takeout needs, boasting durability and a sleek upscale appearance.


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Enhance your dining experience with Victoria Bay's napkin line.

Paper Hot Cups

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An ideal option for customers seeking a morning jumpstart or a revitalizing mid-day break, these Victoria Bay cups are versatile for serving a variety of hot beverages such as coffee, tea, lattes, and beyond.

Pizza Boxes

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Boost your brand with Victoria Bay Pizza Boxes.

Plastic Cups and Lids

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Showcase your cold and blended beverages on-the-go with our line of cold cups and lids.


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Victoria Bay straws make an excellent addition in settings where disposable straws are needed.

Towel & Tissue

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Perfect for restrooms, kitchens, and breakrooms, equip your facility with these quality paper products to ensure a reliable experience for employees and guests alike.



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Victoria Bay Performa Plus Hot Melt Adhesive is a highly adaptable solution, suitable for numerous applications and capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures.

Hot Melt Tapes

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Discover Victoria Bay's incredibly versatile hot melt carton sealing tapes excellent for a multitude of manual or automatic applications.

Stretch Wrap

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Explore Victoria Bay's latest stretch wrap products, providing unbeatable value for all your packaging and shipping requirements.

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